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About silver bullion bars

There are many way to invest in precious metals but the most traditional way is by buying gold and silver bullion bars. Silver coins and rounds may be more attractive for collecting but silver bars have significant investment advantages.

Silver bullion bars are made in many shapes, sizes and weights. Investing in silver bars is simple and very convenient: you can buy any bar from 1 oz bars up to and over 100-oz silver bars or one gram up to 5000 grams. Silver bullion bars usually minted by private mints or refineries from .999 pure silver. Every silver bar is usually marked with the weight, purity and the refiner hallmark.

As well as silver bullion coins, silver bars are the best way of investing in silver.

Types of silver bullion bars

You can find on the precious metals market the follow silver bullion bars: 1-oz, 10-oz, 100-oz silver bars, 1000-oz, 1 gram, 5 grams, 10 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, and from 1 kilo to 5 kilograms.

The most popular manufacturers of silver bullion bars

There are many precious metals refiners in the world who produce silver bullion bars. Here are listed the most known and popular brands:

- Engelhard silver bars;

- Johnson Matthey silver bars;

- PAMP Suisse silver bars;

- Royal Canadian Mint silver bars;

- Pan American silver bars;

- Perth Mint silver bars;

- Sunshine Minting silver bars;

- Wall Street Mint silver bars;

- Sheffield silver bullion bars;

- bars made by Handy & Harman Refining Group Inc.

- others.

The most popular bars are Engelhard silver bars and Johnson Matthey silver bars which made by two of the world’s largest refiners, have not mass-produced since the mid-1980s. This means Engelhard silver bars and Johnson Matthey silver bars are available only when other investors sell them. However, other 100-oz silver bars like Perth Mint, PAMP Suisee, Sunshine Minting and Wall Street Mint bars are readily available. Occasionally, English Sheffield and Handy & Harman bars can be found too.

Advantage of .999 pure silver bars

Buying these bars is a great way of accumulating silver and storing it (and gold bullion bars are a great way of accumulating gold too). The premium you pay over spot silver is much less than the premium on 1-oz silver coins or 1-oz silver rounds and the silver value of course will continue to grow.

Usually bullion bars have from $1 to $2 above spot silver price if you are buying small bullion bars like 1-oz or 10-oz silver bars. But if you are buying 100-oz bars, the premium over silver spot price can be as low as 50 cents. Bullion silver bars are the cheapest form of silver compared to numismatic or government silver coins.

.999 pure silver bars are recognized around the world as a trading medium and are therefore very liquid especially 100-oz silver bars.

Investing in silver bullion bars

Silver bars are very popular investment because they have uniform sizes, convenient to store and handle. These bars can be stored in bank vaults, which they often are, or even in your own home or office, although, for the larger silver bars (100-oz silver bars and the larger), that is not recommended. Pure silver bars can be used in an IRA account according to the IRS and can make an excellent addition to a retirement fund.

Buying silver bars

The 1000-oz silver bullion bar is considered the industry standard and usually used for trading and storage, but can also be taken for personal delivery, although this is not particularly recommended. The weight of these bullion products can vary by up to 10% above or below the 1000 ounces but each bar is stamped to certify its weight. When such a bar is sold to individuals his price is adjusted according to the actual weight of the bar.

The 100-oz silver bar is usually used for individual purchases. The big advantage with 100-oz bars is the low premium over spot silver price making it a viable purchase for the individual investor. 100-oz silver bars are easy to transport and can be sold anytime.

The larger the bullion bar you can afford to buy the lower the premium on a bar you pay. The premium covers the manufacturing costs and profit for the mint or dealer. 1-oz and 10-oz bars have the highest premium over spot silver price and cannot be recommended for investing.

Where to buy silver bullion bars

You can buy silver and gold bullion bars from local silver dealers or online. Local dealers can offer you the bars made by the most popular refiners in weight range from 1g to 1, 10 or 100 ounces. One can also go to your local gold and silver bullion coins dealers. They often sell silver bullion bars as well.

It is possible to buy silver bars at auction as well. On eBay, for example, you can find sellers who offer silver products like silver bars and silver coins. You can find silver bullion bars from one gram up to 100 oz. I recommend you always check the seller’s feedback before buying on Ebay.

You can also buy silver bars from the sites of the largest online precious metals dealers and of course from such sites as APMEX or COMEX.

Storing silver bullion bars

A 100-oz bullion bar weighs only 6.8 pounds and so are easy to transport and store.

100-oz silver bar is .999 fine, which means that individual silver bullion investors are able store a great deal of wealth in a small space. Additionally, as 100-oz bars are acceptable trading units, they are just as easily sold as they are bought.

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