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What are 1-oz silver rounds

1-oz silver rounds are a silver bullion products which looks like silver bullion coins but doesn’t have legal tender and any face value. 1-oz silver rounds are popular among precious metals investors and coin collectors because they are attractive, affordable, liquid and carry less markup over spot silver price than silver coins.

Silver rounds are cheap, easy to buy, store, count, and sell. 1-oz silver rounds are good way for the individual investor or coin collector to invest in .999 fine silver bullion products, especially if you can find 1-oz silver rounds for sale.

One ounce silver round, the investment option with the lowest premium, is one of the most popular choice for many investors in the world.

1-oz silver rounds are a very popular silver investment because they are .999 fine silver, making them a pure silver investment. And with one ounce weight, 1-oz silver rounds could easily be used as money in a worst-case scenario.

There are many different silver rounds on the bullion market. You can buy silver round minted by well-known bullion refiner or buy generic 1-oz silver round. They recommend sticking to reputable brands when buying 1-oz silver coins or rounds because such rounds are easier to liquidate.

Buffalo 1-oz silver rounds

Buffalo rounds are one of the most popular one ounce silver rounds on the market. The design of Buffalo 1-oz silver rounds honors the famous Indian Head/Buffalo nickel, which was minted 1913-1938. Buffalo round contains one ounce of .999 fine silver and has a diameter of 37 mm. These Buffalo 1-oz silver rounds are usually packaged twenty coins to a tube.

Engelhard Silver Prospectors

Silver Prospector is 1-oz silver round issued by Engelhard, one of the most known refiner in the world. But you should know that Engelhard Silver Prospectors have not been minted since 1988. Engelhard Silver Prospectors are available only when they show up in the secondary market, usually on online auctions like Ebay. When available, Engelhard Silver Prospectors usually carry higher premiums over silver spot than other one ounce silver rounds.

Liberty one ounce silver rounds

In 1983, A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc., began minting the Liberty Pure Silver Round. The Liberty met almost instant success using the demand frequently outstripping the supply. The obverse style functions America's national symbol, the American Eagle with arrows in its talons and surrounded by 13 stars representing the original 13 colonies. The reverse depicts the historic Liberty Bell and the words, "Life, Liberty, Happiness" above the bell and also the A-Mark logo with .999 Pure Silver below.

Sunshine Minting rounds

Sunshine Minting produces popular one ounce silver rounds. The design of the round carry an eagle flying through the sun and that is why Sunshine Minting rounds are called Silver Eagles. Sunshine Silver Eagles are not to be confused with American Silver Eagles, which are legal tender coins minted by the U.S. Mint.

Generic one ounce silver rounds

Generic 1-oz silver rounds are all the one ounce silver rounds produced over the last thirty years by companies that are no longer in silver business. Generic 1-oz silver rounds also include silver bullion rounds marketed by small companies that are still in business but are not well known among silver bullion investors.

These rounds usually come in a myriad of designs and do not carry the manufacturing mint's hallmark or name. Sometimes generic 1-os silver rounds are loose in a bag, like ols U.S. 90% junk silver coins. They are usually sold at lower premium over silver spot price than Engelhard Silver Prospectors or Sunshine Minting 1-oz silver rounds. Because generic 1-oz silver rounds sell at smaller markup than Engelhard Prospectors and Sunshine silver rounds, they are very popular for silver investment.

1-oz silver rounds for survival purposes

Investors who buy silver for survival purposes fear the worst. These investors buy gold, silver and other bullion metals in forms that can be used for money or to barter for goods and services.

The best forms of silver for survival purposes are pre-1965 U.S. 90% junk silver coins (usually sold in junk silver bags) and one ounce silver rounds.

If the time ever comes that silver and gold coins were again used as money, all the coins and rounds would be worth only their precious metal content.

Where to buy 1-oz rounds

You can easily find

silver rounds for sale from online silver dealer’s stores, online auctions like Ebay or local coin stores or gold and silver dealers.

Buying on Ebay is the very popular way of buying silver these days because you can find offers at spot or with a very low premium over spot silver.

Silver Rounds vs Silver Eagles

While the American Silver Eagle is the certified silver bullion coin minted in United States, silver rounds look like coins but are not coins. These are shaped as the bullion coins but without any indication of government minting or the monetary amounts. Below we are going to discuss silver rounds vs silver Eagles.

Let us take a deeper look at silver rounds as well as silver Eagles.

Silver Eagles

Silver Eagles were first released by the United States Mint in 1986. With a small face value of one dollar it is certain to consist of one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. The content, weight, and purity of these coins are certified by the United States Mint. Three mints producing the silver eagles are San Francisco Mint, Philadelphia Mint and West Point Mint.

1-oz Silver Rounds

These silver objects are used by private companies and banks to enter their own silver stock in the market. These rounds are clearly different from the coin, both in value and look. As they are minted privately, these are usually not collectible as coins. But they also act as a good choice for investment purposes.

Rounds vs Eagles, which is better investment?

There is perhaps a never ending debate that goes on amongst the investors as to which is better investment tool, silver rounds vs silver Eagles. Despite the reasoning that one troy ounce of silver is going to have the same value, investors often view American silver Eagles as a better reason. Read on to know why.

Minted by the US government

Silver Eagles are minted by the US government while the silver rounds are produced by different private firms. Every investor, especially the American investor, will naturally favor money minted by the US government. Any other silver round is subject to intrinsic discrimination as phony or fake.

Uniform in design

Silver Eagles are known to be consistent in design and weight since 1986. People are used to seeing them as dimes, quarters, nickels, pennies for many years now. Anyone can immediately recognize the coins. On the other hands, silver rounds may come in varying size and designs. People take time to relate to them.

Official US dollar

Silver Eagles are the official one dollar in US and no one can dispute that. These coins are seen to be traded more as compared to the silver rounds.

Silver rounds vs silver Eagles – Conclusion

Although there is no denying that people do go and invest in ounds, but when compared to the silver Eagle, it is the American dollar that stands as a clear winner. Currently, these American silver eagles are selling for around a 10% premium, while silver rounds are averaging around 5%. People like to hold on to the US silver eagles because of the value of the silver inside as well as their reputation. These are considered to be the ideal investment tools for those who want to prepare well for the rainy days.

Silver Eagles are known to hold on to their value and also have an edge of history lingering on to them. They are a trusted lot amongst the investors and have been there for along time now. These coins can be easily melted down if you want to get to the pure silver in case of any economic emergency. These are a very good example of liquid investment.

1-oz silver rounds are looked upon as more problematic because of the wide diversity in them. They do hold the silver value but need a lot more explanation and convincing by the product vendor. Nevertheless, there is market for the silver rounds as well. Experienced investors do invest in these coins but deal only with reputed dealer and trade at trustworthy places.

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